1. a question;〔国会などでの,大臣に対する〕an interpellation

    質問する ask ((a person)) a question; put a question ((to a person));question ((a person))

    • 質問はありませんか
    • 「Are there [Have you] any questions?/Any questions?
    • 質問してもいいですか
    • May I ask you a question?
    • 質問を受ける
    • be asked a question
    • 学生は先生に質問の雨を降らせた
    • The students rained questions on the teacher.
    • 質問攻めに会って困った
    • I was hit by a barrage of questions and didn't know how to deal with the situation.
    • 質問事項を考えておいた
    • I have prepared questions to ask.
  1. 質問演説〔国会での〕an interpellation
  1. 質問者a questioner;〔国会での〕an interpellant
  1. 質問書a written inquiry
  1. 質問戦〔国会の〕a battle of interpellations
  1. 質問表a questionnaire