1. Ia bridle; (the) reins
    • 馬の手綱をとる
    • hold a horse by the bridle/hold the reins
    • 手綱を引く
    • rein in a horse
    • 彼は手綱をゆるめて馬の好きなようにさせた
    • He gave the horse 「free rein [its head].
  1. II〔人を操る力〕
    • 子供たちの手綱を締める
    • tighten the reins on one's children
    • 彼は奥さんにしっかりと手綱を握られている
    • His wife has him firmly under control.
    • 彼はちょっとでも手綱を緩めると怠け始める
    • As soon as you let up on the reins, he grows idle./The moment you relax your supervision, he becomes lazy.
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