1. culture
    • 文化の高い[低い]国
    • a nation with a high [low] cultural level/a nation with 「an advanced [a primitive] culture
    • 日本文化の伝統
    • Japanese cultural tradition
    • 彼らは古代ギリシアの文化的遺産を受け継いでいる
    • They are the heirs to the cultural heritage of ancient Greece.
  1. 文化映画a cultural film
  1. 文化勲章the Order of Culture
  1. 文化圏a cultural sphere
  1. 文化交流cultural exchange
  1. 文化功労者a person who has contributed to culture
  1. 文化国家a nation with a high level of culture
  1. 文化祭a cultural festival;〔学校の〕a school festival
  1. 文化財cultural assets [properties]
    • 文化財保護法
    • the Cultural Properties Protection Law
  1. 文化殺戮cultural cleansing
  1. 文化史cultural history
  1. 文化施設cultural facilities
  1. 文化使節a cultural envoy
  1. 文化人〔教養を身につけている人〕a cultured [cultivated] person, a person of culture;〔学問や芸術を職業としている人〕a person in an academic or artistic career
  1. 文化人類学cultural anthropology
  1. 文化水準the cultural level; the level of culture; the standard of culture
    • この国の文化水準は高い[低い]
    • This nation has a high [low] level of culture.
  1. 文化生活a civilized life
  1. 文化大革命the (Great Proletarian) Cultural Revolution
  1. 文化庁the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  1. 文化地理学cultural geography
  1. 文化同化政策a policy of cultural assimilation
  1. 文化の日Culture Day
  1. 文化摩擦cultural friction; cultural conflict
    • culture
    • [参考]「文化(的な)摩擦(cultural friction)」のように形容詞的に用いられることも多い。