1. this world; this (present) life

    この世の worldly; earthly

    • この世に生まれ出る
    • be born into this world
    • この世を去る
    • die/pass away/《文》 depart this world
    • この世をはかなむ
    • despair of this world/lose all hope in life
    • この世の雑事をすべて忘れる
    • forget all mundane [worldly] affairs
    • この世(ながら)の天国
    • an earthly paradise/a paradise on earth
    • この世の地獄
    • a hell on earth
    • 彼はもはやこの世にはいない
    • He is no longer with us.
    • これがこの世の限りだ
    • I've reached the end of the road./《俗》 It's curtains for me.
    • この世のものとも思えぬ美しい音楽
    • the lovely strains of heavenly [ethereal] music
    • あれが彼とのこの世の別れとは思いもよらなかった
    • I never thought it would be the last time I saw him.
  1. この世は闇だWhat sad times these are!/What a sad pass things have come to!