1. (a) movement; 〔移住〕migration

    移動する move, transfer; 〔移住する〕migrate

    • 民族の移動
    • racial migration
    • 遊牧民たちは草を求めて絶えず移動した
    • The nomads were constantly on the move looking for grass.
    • 車を移動してください
    • Please move your car.
    • 違法駐車の車が警察官によって移動された
    • An illegally parked car was towed (away) by police.
  1. 移動劇団 「a traveling [an itinerant] troupe
  1. 移動撮影(場面) a moving shot
  1. 移動式ICBM a mobile ICBM
  1. 移動証明 a certificate of one's change of address
  1. 移動申告 a report of one's change of address
  1. 移動診療所 a traveling clinic
  1. 移動性高気圧 a migratory anticyclone [high]
  1. 移動大使 a roving ambassador
  1. 移動体通信事業 a mobile communications service
  1. 移動展覧会 「a traveling [an itinerant] exhibition
  1. 移動図書館 a traveling library; ((米)) a bookmobile
  1. 移動病院 a hospital on wheels