1. I〔結び付けられる〕be [get] tied up ((with)) ⇒むすびつける(結び付ける)
  1. II〔関係し合う〕be connected ((with));be linked ((with));be tied ((to));be related ((to))
    • あの結婚で二つの大財閥が結び付いた
    • The two great zaibatsu werebrought together [united] by that marriage.
    • 両事件はどこかで結び付いているに違いない
    • There is no doubt that the two incidents are connected [linked/related] in some way.
    • 彼の日ごろの仕事ぶりと,この仕事の雑な出来とはどうしても結び付かない
    • The shoddy way this job has been done just doesn't correspond to the usual standard(s) of his work.