1. I〔転がって入ってくる〕roll into
    • ボールが庭に転がり込んだ
    • A ball rolled into the garden.
    • 彼は部屋に転がり込んで来た
    • He tumbled into the room.
  1. II
  1. 1〔思いがけなく手に入る〕
    • 幸運が転がり込んで来た
    • Suddenly fortune smiled on me./I had an unexpected piece [turn] of good luck.
    • 大金が転がり込んだ
    • A big sum of money suddenly fell [plopped] into my hands.
  1. 2〔他人の家にやっかいになる〕
    • 困ったことに古い友人が転がり込んで来た
    • To our dismay, an old friend showed up and asked to stay with us.