1. I
  1. 1〔逃走する〕run away;〔危険・逮捕などから〕escape;〔追跡などから〕flee, take flight
    • 泥棒は大慌てで逃げた
    • The burglar ran away in a panic.
    • 囚人が牢獄から逃げた
    • A convict has escaped from prison.
    • 詐欺犯は台湾に逃げたらしい
    • The swindler seems to have fled [《文》 absconded] to Taiwan.
    • 人に見られずにこそこそと逃げた
    • She slipped [sneaked] away without being seen.
    • 小鳥が籠から逃げた
    • The bird flew out of its cage.
    • 熊がおりから逃げた
    • The bear hasgot(ten) out of [broken loose from] its pen.
  1. 2〔追いつかれないようにする〕
    • 他の馬の追撃を振り切ってゴールまで逃げた
    • Although the other horses put up a good chase, his horse 「held them off and reached the goal first [beat them to the goal].
  1. II〔責任などを回避する〕shirk ((one's duty))
    • 責任を部下に押しつけてうまうまと逃げた
    • He cleverly got off by shifting the responsibility onto his subordinates.
    • 彼にかまをかけたがうまく逃げられた
    • I tried to trick him into telling the truth, but he deftly evaded my questions.
    • 都会の喧噪けんそうから逃げる
    • get away from the bustle of the city
    • 逃げるが勝ち
    • ((諺)) Discretion is the better part of valor./He that fights and runs away may live to fight another day.