1. employment

    雇用する employ;《文》 engage

    • 完全雇用
    • full employment
    • 終身雇用
    • lifetime employment
    • この会社では女性の雇用が増している
    • The number of women 「employed by [《文》 in the employ of] this company is on the increase.
    • 女性の雇用条件はよい[悪い]
    • The terms [conditions] of employment for women are favorable [unfavorable].
  1. 雇用延長〔定年後の〕(an) employment extension beyond the retirement age;〔契約期間後の〕(an) employment extension beyond the contract period
  1. 雇用関係an employment relationship
  1. 雇用機会均等法the Equal Employment Opportunity Law
  1. 雇用期間the period of employment
  1. 雇用契約an employment agreement [contract]
  1. 雇用者[主]an employer
    • 被雇用者
    • an employee
  1. 雇用調整an employment adjustment;〔削減〕an employment cutback
  1. 雇用統計employment statistics
  1. 雇用保険unemployment insurance