1. a disaster;〔大災害〕a calamity, a catastrophe
    • 災害に見舞われた
    • We were hit by a disaster.
    • 不注意が大災害をもたらすことがある
    • Carelessness sometimes leads to disaster [catastrophe].
    • 自然の災害は防ぐのがむずかしい
    • Natural disasters [calamities] are hard to prevent.
    • 大雨でこの地域はひどい災害を被った
    • This region suffered great damage from the heavy rains.
    • 二次災害
    • a secondary disaster/〔人的〕 ((prevent)) further loss of life
  1. 災害応急井戸マップa map of wells that can be used at times of disaster
  1. 災害救助disaster relief
  1. 災害救助犬a search-and-rescue [an SAR] dog
  1. 災害救助法the national disaster (relief) act
  1. 災害心理学disaster psychology
    • 災害対策をたてる
    • prepare [draw up/devise] measures for dealing with disasters [emergencies]
  1. 災害対策基本法the Fundamental Disaster Relief Act
  1. 災害地the stricken area
  1. 災害地図a disaster map
  1. 災害保険disaster insurance
    • 災害保険に入る
    • buy [purchase/get] disaster insurance
  1. 災害用伝言ダイヤルan emergency messaging system