1. I
  1. 1〔生きたままにしておく〕spare a person's life; let ((a person)) live
    • 釣った魚をいけすに生かしておく
    • keep one's catch alive in a fish crawl
    • あいつは生かしておけない
    • We can't let him live.
    • 奴隷どれいは生かすも殺すも主人の自由であった
    • Slaves' lives were at the mercy of their owners.
  1. 2〔生き返らせる〕bring ((a person)) back to life, revive ((a person));〔仮死状態の人を〕resuscitate
  1. II
  1. 1〔活用する〕make use of; utilize
    • 自分の才能を十分生かす
    • use one's talent to the full/make full use of one's talent
    • スペイン語の知識を生かしてラテンアメリカとの商売を始めた
    • Putting his knowledge of Spanish to (practical) use, he started doing business with Latin American countries.
    • 廃物を生かす
    • utilize [make use of] refuse materials
  1. 2〔復活させる〕
    • 古い芝居[忘れられた習慣]を生かす
    • revive 「an old play[lost customs]