1. a threat; (a) menace

    威嚇する threaten,menace,intimidate ((a person)) ((with))

    • 侵略者たちは住民を威嚇して従わせた
    • The invaders intimidated the inhabitants into submission.
    • 威嚇的な態度をとる
    • take a threatening [menacing] attitude
    • 彼の口調は威嚇的であった
    • There was menace [a threat] in his tone.
    • 今度の署長には威嚇的なところがある
    • There is something overbearing about the new chief of police.
  1. 威嚇射撃a warning shot
    • 警官は逃走する男に向かって威嚇射撃をした
    • The policeman fired a warning shot at the fleeing man.