1. a rush

    殺到する rush ((to))

    • 買物客の多くは特売場に殺到した
    • Many of the shoppers rushed to the bargain floor.
    • ドアがあくや学生たちは室内に殺到した
    • The students rushed in as soon as the door was opened.
    • その本の注文が殺到した
    • There was a rush of orders for the book.
    • その有名な俳優を見ようと人々が殺到した
    • People thronged [flocked] to see the famous actor.
    • 春には観光客が京都に殺到する
    • Tourists 「pour into [flood] Kyoto during the spring months.
    • 抗議文が殺到した
    • Letters of protest poured in.
    • 事故直後,航空会社に問い合わせが殺到した
    • The airline office was swamped [flooded/inundated] with inquiries immediately after the accident.