1. a waterfall, falls (▼通例複数形); 〔大滝〕a cataract; 〔幾筋もの滝〕a cascade; 〔瀑流(ばくりゅう)〕a torrent
    • 華厳の滝
    • the Kegon Falls (▼単数・複数扱い)
    • 滝に打たれる
    • purify oneself by sitting 「in the torrents of [beneath] a waterfall
    • 雨が滝のように降った
    • The rain fell in torrents.
    • 汗が滝のように流れた
    • Sweat poured down my body./I perspired profusely.
  1. 滝口 the top [crest] of a waterfall
  1. 滝壺(つぼ) the basin of a waterfall
  1. 滝登り
    • (こい)の滝登り
    • a carp swimming up the rapids